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Welcome to Fantastic Plastic Surgery & Skin Fitness

Fantastic Plastic Surgery. It’s not just our name, it is our most sincere wish for you. Fantastic plastic surgery is the outcome that we want for every patient, and with every procedure we do. Our staff has all the education, training, technology, tools, experience and confidence possible to make this happen.

After all, the “plastic” in plastic surgery has a different meaning today than when it was coined for this branch of corrective surgery over 80 years ago. “Plastic” comes from the Greek word, plastikose, which means “to re-mould” or “to re-shape.” Essentially, this is what we do in procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction and scar reduction.

Yet today, plastic surgery has become synonymous with the words “to refresh.” Exciting new surgical techniques, technology and a range of cosmeceuticals (the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) now enable us to hold the ravages of time at bay, and even to restore a more youthful-looking you. For both personal and, in an ever-competitive professional world, these are compelling reasons to explore what Fantastic Plastic Surgery has to offer.

Nevertheless, do not let our name mislead you. If you’re looking to step into Angelina’s skin, we probably are not the right office for you. At the end of the day, we want the best you that you can be. (Angelina is on her own.)

Please take a moment to review our Web site. It covers many, but not all, of the procedures and services we provide at Fantastic Plastic Surgery. Make a list. Dig out family photographs or magazine pictures of the changes you envision. Then let’s sit down and plot a course of action that accomplishes realistic, meaningful and long-lasting goals that work for you. (We love helping clients do this!) What can Fantastic Plastic Surgery do for you?

Dr. Carol Mischnick is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.


"I went in for a tummy tuck wearing a size 10-12. I am now 4 years out... and still a size 4!" -SR



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